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Certification difference

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Dear experts,

I just wanted to know..if there is any difference in the TECH ed 2007 certification exam for ABAP and the normal ABAP certification.

i mean are they both the same , one being offered at TECH ed at a lower price or different?

and would the participants be given specific training for ABAP certification at tech ed..or is it a general training for overall ABAP new concepts and updates..

pls help me in these issues.

points awarded for ALL helpful answers..



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Answers (2)

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Hi Sampath,

Adding to Richard reply,

Both exam are same even in TecED or outside TecED.

There would be no specific training on certification. Whatsoever they discuss in teched are normally generic in nature. Its all about the updates and features or any new idea.



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The ABAP certification being offered at TechEd and that being offered outside of TechEd are the same exact exam. The exam at Tech Ed is being offered at a discount as a benefit to TechEd attendees.

Thank you,

Richard Strattner