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Certification details not received yet.

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Hello all,

Few months back 4 of our employees has to go on for SAP Business all in-one support certifications(C_PXSUP_90, C_BOSUP_90)

for our Partner Center Of Excellency certification(VAR Support) program.

We were told that, all of us were through with the certification exam on the same day.

After that, we did not receive any communication from SAP Education team for actual soft/hard copy of certificates.And no clue about how to initiate it. Now we are left without any proof even-though we passed certification exam.   

We tried reminding SAP Education/training team in Bangalore, India.

Being an ex-SAP employee, I was not lucky enough to get any response from the SAP Education team which is very sad.

Can somebody from the group help us out to check our certification details in portal somewhere or any contact person so that we can reach out for our query..  ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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Answers (2)

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Hi Ravi,

Please provide the following information so that I can ask the team to check and get back on status of the certificates :

1. Names of the employees who appeared for the certifications

2. Did all of them take both the certifications?  If not, then provide certification code against each name.

3. When did they appear for the certification?

4. Which location did they appear for the certification?

Once I receive this information, will check and revert.  Also let me know who in India Education have you been following up with.



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Hi Maggie,

First of all, thank you for your response.

Is there a mail-id of yours? so that I can share all required information like Suser-id's etc.

Please send me a test mail to

Best Regards,

-Ravi Kumar.D

Active Contributor
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Sorry Ravi to hear that.

Probably Maggie may be able to help you.