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Certificates delay

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I wrote my SAP HR Certification exam on 08 December 2006 in SA. Up to now SAPSA are saying they have not received the certificates. I have even left the country. How long does it take for SAP to print and send certificates after someone has passed an exam?

Who can i talk to in Germany to give them my new address so that they can send the certificate to the nearest SAP country office?

What can i do in the mean time while waiting for my certificate because i am losing a lot of GOOD opportunity when i can not prove that i am certified? even the card that some people talk about, i have not received.

Please help me,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Normally it takes 3-6 months to get the certification on hand depending upon the country etc. Normally your training institutes are the best guides. Alternatively you can talk to the SAP Education representative (part of SAP division in your country) in your country. Your training center should be able to give the contact details of SAP Education in your country. Or check SAP education website and get the contact details for your country in which you took the exam. Talk to them or email them directly giving your name and other details. Probably they would respond immediately.



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