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C_CPI_14 Certification : course content CLD900 SAP Integration Suite

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Hi All,

I am preparing for C_CPI_14 certification course. And I have a question for it. The course content mention about CLD900 where the topics cover 5 units as given in C_CPI_14 as per the CLD900e_EN_Col19 .  And this is the course CLD900e_EN_Col19 which I am preparing.

But the Assessment course (SAP Integration Suite) on SAP Learning Hub seems to show different topics which are not covered as per the latest CLD900. Can someone please confirm why the course content shown for C_CPI_14 and assessment course for SAP Integration Suite not matching.



Dolly Arora

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Dolly26,

the certification applies on the collection_19. Please work only with the collection_19 to prepare for the certification.


best regards.

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@skawonn, would you please share the link to the collection_19 learning journey? I am a little bit confused with which learning journey should be used to prepare for C_CPI_14 certification. The course content available here was changed last week. Thank you
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Can you please provide the link to collection_19, the current course content is totally different