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C_BOSUP_90 Support Consultant

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I was asked to pass this certification also.

If my understood of these posts I have read about that are correct, the questions of the certification are only taken from e-learning on SAP support and no questions about BO. Am I right ?

But I wanted to know if it mandatory to take certification to have passed the self tests of the products.

I don't mean on the knowledge way, but an SAP "rule" way. If I pass certification without having passed the products qualifications, is it possible ?

Thanks for your answers.


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Hi Céline,

yes you are right, there is nothing specifically covering Business Objects. You will find the detail topic break down here.

From an individual perspective the only  rule requirement from an SAP requirement perspective is the Certification exam for the support consultant role. However, there are other requirements for the partner organization overall which can be found in the SAP Partner Portal.

The qualifications make sense to do as preparation for the Certification exam.

Hope this helps. If you have further questions your SAP Partner Services Adviser can assist you too.