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BI + Carbon Emissions Management = A New Career Opportunity Trend...

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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How can "green environmental savings" lead to "green cost savings?"

Can this development impact BI and careers?

For those of us who watch compelling business and IT trends the answer is clearly, "Yes!"

Here's a data point worth following!

Perhaps you read the recent announcement, "[SAP to Acquire Carbon Management Solution Leader Clear Standards, Inc.|]" and thought about how this development represents a trend which may positively impact university students and graduates looking for green related jobs?

Clearly universities play a major role in the global sustainability movement. Visit many campuses around the world --- both on-line and in person --- and you'll see many visibile signs of green "business" and the "social responsibility" movement growing and building momentum on a daily basis.

There is a strong connecting point between universities...businesses...the government...and community which creates many opportunities!

For example, David Herrema, an ERP intern for Grand Valley State University, said it very well in his recent blog, "[Grand Rapids, MI - Community Sustainability Partnership Company|] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]; where he highlighted the "The Community Sustainability Partnership as a unique combination between local government and businesses" and Grand Valley State University.

And there are many examples like this one throughout the globe!

...So how does this SAP announcement impact BI?

It's about data.

As the Clear Standard website sites, with "technology and content, users can analyze business activity-based impacts and find opportunities for energy, waste, and emissions reductions within and outside operational boundaries, including the supply chain." ([View there product roadmap here - scroll to the bottom of the page|])

Going forward universities will have an opportunity to continue their major role in the green movement and create a "bridge" between public and private sectors which will create many new green job opportunities!

A few questions...

  • What are you seeing?

  • Do you see this trend as a way to get jobs?

  • How can studies in business, IT (Computer Sciences) link into this opportunity?

  • How can BI be the cornerstone to a greener environment and green cost savings?

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Dear Richard

Well said Richard. Definately this new move will generate a lot of job prospect for not only BI but also those who are with domains such as EH&S. The idea of linking of Clear Standards with Financial and even with existing SAP EHS (Emission Management) is not only challenging but also highly lucritive. Creation of InfoCubes for such requirement and advanced reporting requirements for complying with Green Trading, annual submission of data and Optimization of Supply Chain Process for carbon footprint will definately add more potential.

Even I strongly believe in future linking of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for optimum network allocation for carbon foot print management will also come in to this pack (SAP, Clear Standards, EHS and GIS), generating more jobs and scope and finally wide peneration of SAP for Carbon Demand management.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Well said by you as well! There is an abundance of "green sustainable" opportunity at a global and regional level. It both exists and is emerging. Your points are all "spot on" and I like the one on GIS.

A few data points that I continue to follow...

a) [Dow Jones Sustainability Index|]

b) [SAP Sustainability Report (2008|])

c) [The SAP Sustainability Map|]

Certainly there are many opportunities for the private, public, and university leaders to collaborate! These steps are happening and they will continue in the marketplace!

Let's keep our lines open!

Best regards,