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Automatic payment program: how does SAP select payment methods?

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My certification book seems to suggest that the automatic payment program can select alternative payment methods for example:

1. If no payment method was entered in the documents (or vendor master);

2. If one method may not be used, example: method C, Cheque, as a maximum limit of 10.000. It is defaulted from the vendor master into the invoice, but the invoice is 11.000. So SAP will select another payment method automatically.

Is this true? How does it select this? I can not find anything about this.

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If a payment method is entered in the vendor document line item, this payment method will be used. I.o.w. if you specify a particular payment method in the item to be paid, this specification has priority over the specifications in the master record. You may also specify payment methods in the item which are not listed in the master record.

If no payment method is entered in the vendor document line item, the payment method(s) in vendor master data (LFB1-ZWELS) is(are) used. Note that multiple payment methods can be entered in the vendor master in a certain order. These payment methods are checked one by one; if a payment method may not be used, the next one is selected and so on...

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Jonathan Eemans