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Articles, Magazines, Bibliography for Master Thesis

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Hi mates,

sorry for bothering you again with this topic and thank you for the help when i asked if SAP Enhancements would be a good topic for a master thesis.

I decided to go with "implementation of sap enhancements" as a topic for my thesis and i'll talk about the SAP, evolution of SAP, enhancements and try to describe the good practices and a methodology to follow when you need to implement enhancements.

I tried to contact SAP PT and SAP UK for more info about the topic, some documentation (historic or not) about Enhancements and papers/magazines that could cover this but... no success. They say they're too busy with this kind of requests so i'm on my own.

I've found a good repository at SAPinsider but could not find anything in specific sites like IEEE, ACM, Springer, Elsevier, B-on, Mendeley.

My professor told me i need this kind of bibliography instead of SAP technical books.

I need some articles where people discuss the enhancements in which i can comment and write about my methodology to implement them.

Anyway, any help right now will be gold.

Best regards,


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Hi Bruno,

I'm glad to hear you've found some helpful content on the SAPinsider site. If you haven't already seen these articles, here are a few I would recommend:

Modification-Free Adaptations of SAP Programs? With Enhancements, They're Possible — and Here's How...

Innovation Without Disruption: A Deep Dive into SAP's Enhancement Package Strategy for SAP ERP…

If there's anything specific you're looking for, let me know -- I can certainly help point you to some particularly strong articles on our site.

Thanks, and best of luck with your thesis!

Lucy Swedberg

(@SAPinsiderLucy, Publisher of SAPinsider)