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A Runtime error: Generation successful, but you must call up the function

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I used Professor Jim Menching's AIS materials in fall 2009 before ECC 6.04 was installed and everything worked plug-n-play without too many problems. I tested assigned client after my client provider migrated SAP from ECC 6.0 to 6.04.

I tried to proceeded "receive the product from the vendor" on page 13u2019s step 11 after creating an purchase order, as following:

Logistics> Materials Management > Purchasing > Purchase Order > Follow-on Functions > Logistics Invoice Verification (MIRO)

I tried to save it. However, I got an error message: "Generation successful, but you must call up the function". After I did it one more time, it becomes a runtime error! I am not savvy for dealing with unknown technical problem. Can anyone provide me with a solution to fix problem?

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the post. I forwarded your question to your hosting site for resolution since this is a technical issue ... and the technical team informed me the issue was already resolved. If you have further issues related to this specific issue please contact the UCC directly.

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