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Have your company or your customers ever invested millions in software implementation, yet struggled to achieve the desired outcomes? After running an exhausting implementation project for months, have you ever wondered what else you could do to complete it on time? Unfortunately, in a corporate world, it’s a rather common scenario. We feel your pain.

It turns out, there is a magical ingredient to the recipe: a proper training program for the implementation teams and administrators can work wonders! Our recent SAP Customer Experience study shows that investment in training helps to:

  • Reduce Time-to-go-Live of the implementation project (by 1 month).

  • Maximize Software Adoption. Companies that invest in training activate on average 9-10% more business rules and features and gain more value out of the implemented software.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction. Customers that invest in training are in general happier with a purchased solution and an overall relationship with SAP.


From the vendor perspective, it positively influences financial metrics, such as Renewals and Upsell, indicating that customers are more willing to continue and expand their contracts. It’s a Win-Win situation for everybody!

In this study, we also looked at how specific enablement types affect customer success metrics. For instance, better Time-to-go-live values were particularly common for the partner consultant teams that subscribed to the SAP online learning platform, SAP Learning Hub.

As for Software Adoption, averages of this metric were 9% higher for customer accounts where implementation teams obtained SAP certifications and 10% higher, where partner project team participated in instructor-led trainings.

In addition, most of the enablement types we considered in the study, including certifications, instructor-led training, or free microlearning videos had a positive effect on customer success sentiment.

According to the results of the study, customers that used the free microlearning platform were more satisfied with their choice of SAP as a software vendor and were more likely to renew and expand the size of their contract.

Thus, this study also helped us demonstrate an intangible value of free enablement for our customers and partners.

Learn more about how we achieved successful outcomes and expanded our enablement reach with free microlearning in this blog post.

The conclusions of the SAP Customer Experience Study go in line with the findings of the IDC Paper “GameChanger: The Transformative Impact of Training”. This study used a different methodology (customer surveys vs. database data analysis) and a different customer dataset (wider range of SAP customers vs. CX customers only), but it remarkably arrived at very similar conclusions.

According to the IDC paper, business benefits that companies realize when they provide sufficient training to end users, administrators, and implementation teams are:

  • Improved business performance.

  • Shorter deployment time (by 1 month).

  • Increased satisfaction with the deployed solution by 72%


Bottom line

Training is an incredibly powerful tool for the success of an implementation project. Numbers published in the various studies strongly support this fact. It is important to showcase this value to customers and partners to help them get the best possible ROI out of their investment in software solution.


If you care about showcasing the value of training and enablement to your customers, subscribe and stay tuned for the next blog post. There, we will explain how we approached the SAP CX study from the methodology perspective and how we arrived at these results.