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During recent webinars hosted by SAP, we collected some very useful feedback from individuals representing a broad range of international companies on how they transform their businesses, create training content, and enable their workforce on each change. In this blog post, I would like to share with you some very interesting findings, including the factors which slow down company performance.

In today’s economic climate - where the “club” of strong economies, of countries with a growing, well-funded middle class, gets more and more members, and the well-known term BRICS has to make way for MINTS (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia) - it’s of utmost importance to foster a company culture of continuous internal optimization to keep pace with the growing amount of innovative competitors.

Well, optimization always happens by changing something - that’s for sure. And simplification, acceleration, and innovation are just some crucial pieces of this puzzle. But the bottom line is that the workforce is facing new ways of executing their tasks and processes, different ways of producing, selling and delivering products, supporting customers and delivering services, etc.

So, one thing seems clear: the human factor is key to execute on a defined change strategy and making it a success – whether the change has a strategic, technological, compliance, or other cause. To understand how often changes are happening in companies today, we asked our webinar participants the following question: How many change events (like a rollout, re-org, process change, …) do you see per year in your company? 

And here is what we found out:

  • Nearly half of all companies see more than 10 change events per year.
  • More than two-thirds of all companies see more than six change projects per year (= one change every 2nd month).

This means a massive amount of required workforce enablement/knowledge transfer per year, because if the workforce doesn’t know how to handle the change as of day one, the company will lose ground.

Another question we asked was:
How much time do you need to create end user process documentation for one single process? (*and imagine you have to do this again and again…) The answer was: more than 70% of all companies need one day or more for a single process/document.

Well, let me bring one tool to your attention which helps to significantly improve this: SAP Workforce Performance Builder. By using this learning software from SAP, just after the process execution (using parallel recording) which takes only minutes, companies would not only get the single process document, but several documentation outputs, as well as training manuals, test scripts (HP QC, eCATT), eLearning simulations (demo, practice, tests), context-sensitive help material, mobile learning content, and more.

This means amazing savings and return on investments: minutes vs. days – and don’t forget within these minutes they get all content they need, not just a single document. And voila! You will find that enabling the workforce on changes is no longer a cost-intense effort.

A last result I would like to share with you is the following. We asked: How do you build learning content? This was the most surprising result to me: almost two-third of all companies are still doing manual screenshots and then copy/paste them to Word and PowerPoint. Quite frankly, how Stone Age is this?! Your workforce deserves better than that!

To share with you what our valued customers and partners are saving by using SAP Workforce Performance Builder, I would like to conclude by sharing some KPIs from their success stories:

SAP Workforce Performance Builder has helped SAP customers and partners to…

  • Reduce the amount of help-desk inquires by up to 62%
  • Reduce support and training costs by up to 70%
  • Speed up process execution by up to 73%
  • And accelerate their documentation of processes by up to 92%

Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to discuss how SAP can help with your change journey to run simple.

For more information about SAP Workforce Performance Builder and SAP Education please have a look at these useful resources: