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Never thought that a technical event could be so much fun. Those three days turned out to be the best days that really refreshed my mind which otherwise was damn stressed due to the regular college routine of internal exams. SAP TechEd Bangalore and SAP Techniversity were a lot more interesting then what I expected , in other words they exceeded all my expectations. It showed how a technical event can be combined with non technical aspects in the best possible way.

     The event started on 11th of march and we caught the first bus to the venue with a lot of excitement in our minds. The venue which happens to be one of the most famous exhibition centers of India had all the things right on track. We reached Bangalore international exhibition center in the morning to witness a humongous crowd of students and professionals who were here for this event.

     We started our day by watching various projects developed by the professionals which included many exciting and never seen before projects. My favorite project was an automatic drone developed by the employees of SAP. We also got a glimpse of the esteemed dignitaries of SAP company who were here to host and organize the event.

     After witnessing the marvels developed by the professionals, we also got a chance to see wonderful web application which was developed by our contemporaries and it was simply awesome, the students of BMSCE college had developed an e warranty application for which they had won the first prize in SAP app rumble competition which was organized by SAP a couple of months ago.

     The Demo Jam was one of the coolest thing to attend where various students and professionals showcased their extra-ordinary ability to think out of the box and develop projects and applications that were the need of the hour.

     On the second day, we were taken to a hall were many guests belonging to the SAP were invited to share their experience with the students assembled at the hall.It was delightful to witness such a large crowd of students belonging to different colleges of Bangalore.

     After the first session an amazing lunch was provided to us.There were many goodies provided to various students during the first session for the best tweet and for answering the questions thrown to them by the professionals from SAP. We next had a Wizathon to attend

     In  wizathon, we were provided with some data and we were asked to develop an interactive visualization of the given information using the SAP Lumira. It was a wonderful experience, we witnessed how a large amount of data could be sorted in minutes and conclusion can be drawn instantly using the software.The winners were provided with amazing gifts.

         I would like to thank our college for allowing us to be a part of this wonderful event and I also want to thank SAP for conducting this wonderful and educative event.

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