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Two active SAP University Alliances members - Komazawa University in Japan and National Central University (NCU) Taiwan with 17 students and 2 Professors visited SAP Tokyo office on Friday 9 September 2016.  NCU was leading a group of students, as part of the SAP Next-Gen Consulting Lab initiative, to work with Komazawa University on a Japanese customer project in the Agriculture Machinery Manufacturing Industry.  As NCU was in Tokyo, they had requested to visit and see SAP Japan head office together with Komazawa University.

During the short visit, they heard from and got inspired by Nikhil Chaturvedi, Vice President and Head, Industry Value Engineering, SAP Japan, on "SAP: Innovation and Development in the Digital Economy".  They also heard from Zhang Xi, a SAP Sales Academy Graduate from SAP Japan on her life as a Millennial talent working as an Associate Account Executive in SAP Japan.  Zhang Xi is from China.  In addition, they were led on an office tour by Rio Abe, SAP University Alliances Manager from SAP Japan.

Professor Pingyu Hsu from NCU was very pleased with the visit organized by Rio Abe for NCU and Komazawa University students.  "We had learned a lot from the SAP speakers.  The students are very inspired and motivated and are now keen to work for SAP and SAP Ecosystem.  I really appreciate the efforts spent to organize the event."