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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear learners,

with this blog post we would like to let you know, that the "Developing with SAP Extension Suite" Learning Journey has recently been updated to include text and image instructions as well as code snippets for all exercises. This should make your learning experience much smoother, especially when you choose to try out the exercises. Whenever you need code in one of the exercises, the learning journey provides it ready for copy and paste:

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 10.01.50.png

As it can get quite cumbersome from time to time with many different files that need to be adjusted to get the exercises working, we also provide a GitHub repository containing the solutions for all exercises:

If you would just like to compare your code with the solutions, open the GitHub repo and from the available branches, select the solution branch for your current exercise:

Screenshot 2022-04-21 at 10.10.22.png

If you feel that you would like to start all over, you could also get the solutions into your SAP Business Application Studio dev space and move on from there. Follow these steps to be able to continue from the solution of any of the exercises:

  • Create a new folder / workspace in your SAP Business Application Studio dev space (Open folder projects, within projects, create a new folder, e.g. risk-management-repo)
  • Switch into the new folder risk-management-repo and run command git clone from the terminal
  • Now you can run command git checkout <branch> , where you replace <branch> with any of the provided solution branches, e.g. solution/4_add_an_external_service
  • Run npm ci once
  • Use this as the base to go through the remaining exercises.

Please be aware, that some exercises require additional setup steps in your SAP BTP Subaccount and Cloud Foundry space (e.g. setting up SAP HANA Cloud and service instances). These setup steps need to be performed in any case, even when you decide to use the exercise solutions from the GitHub repository.

Let us know your feedback for the Learning Journey and also when you need further assistance.

Best regards,