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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Syed couldn't imagine what it would feel like to be on a big stage. He couldn’t image the wild clapping and shouting coming from a crowded room of tech enthusiasts. He couldn't imagine the feeling he would have in his stomach when the six important minutes began – his team’s six important minutes. “I just thought, how can I be so lucky?” Syed was thrilled. He was driven by the excitement of the room and his own. 

Syed used the SAP Learning site to quickly gain new skills.Syed used the SAP Learning site to quickly gain new skills.“It was my first time in a competition”, the 30-year-old from Bangalore recounts. With his colleague Navin, Syed presented their innovative solution addressing a supply chain problem in India: the issue of counterfeit drugs. And they did it on stage the SAP TechEd DemoJam in 2023. Six teams were given six minutes each to present their solution to a problem – live in front of hundreds of people. No mock-ups were allowed, their demo had to be flawless. “My mentor Chandramohan Sankaran, alongside my colleagues such as Kesavan and Vipin, actively contributed to my DemoJam journey. Their diligent efforts and valuable feedback significantly elevated our demo story, pushing it to new heights.” And they secured the first place in the competition.  

Newfound knowledge helped clinch the victory 

However, it didn’t come along that easy, the Senior Product Specialist at SAP Labs Bangalore explains. With only 15 to 20 days to prepare the demo, the duo turned to the SAP Learning site to quickly gain expertise in technologies such as SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Mobile Start, SAP S/4HANA Extension, SAP Adobe Forms, Integration and more. “The knowledge acquired played a pivotal role in delivering the best solution within the tight timeframe, ultimately leading to our success”, Syed says and adds: “I am grateful for the valuable resources provided by SAP, which significantly contributed to our achievements.” 

But Syed’s dedication to staying informed about the latest technologies and innovations does not only define his professional life as a Senior Product Specialist, where he strives to staying at the forefront of SAP advancements and contributing to the development and success of SAP Business Technology Platform. It has also long permeated into his private life as well, where the father of a 3-year-old daughter feels equally excited by cheering when he's in the kitchen. “I enjoy exploring new cuisines and trying out different recipes in my kitchen”, he says, stating that he is a Biryani expert who knows his way around the famous South Indian rice dish. It’s again a testament to his love for continuous learning.  

Broader skillset and industry recognition 

Learning something new has always brought about significant positive changes in my life”, Syed says. “And acquiring knowledge and skills, particularly through platforms like the SAP Learning site, has enhanced my professional competence. It fostered a mindset of continuous improvement and problem-solving, enabling me to address challenges creatively. It has broadened my skillset and positively influenced various aspects of my professional life, including networking opportunities and industry recognition. In essence, continuous learning has played a pivotal role in my overall growth and success in the dynamic field of SAP technologies.”  

And for those who are still thinking about whether to make their appearance on a big stage and showcase their newfound skills, Syed has a clear message: “If I can do it – you can do it too.” 

Start your own success story   

Did you feel inspired by Syed’s story? Then kick-start your own success story with SAP today. Benefit from tailored and self-paced learning opportunities that meet you when and where you learn best on SAP Learning site. Get certified to demonstrate your expertise and boost your career. We are looking forward to many more great success stories! 

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