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Le Havre University joined the University Alliance Community in June as a fullmembership.

In order to be ready for September session and to get prepared during summertime, the leading teacher decided to organize a specific session for all local teachers involved in the program as soon as possible in July.

The session was organized in Le Havre, from the 30th of June to the 3rd of July and was lead by Maxime Nowak and Frederic Morand from SAP ACC.

16 teachers from different parts of the University attended the workshop including the Dean.

Maxime and Frederic took the opportunity to present SAP ACC services and educational material discovery as well as the information plateform supplied to the teachers and sources. They also introduced ERP SAP ECC6.0 and GBI SD, MM and PP or the SAP training organization.

The participants could also meet UA team and know more about the main parts of the program:


We also introduced the entrepreneurship program, the opportunity for students to innovate with SAP particularly on Big Data topics.

The atmosphere of the seminar was serious and friendly. The teachers felt very concerned with the program and enjoyed the seminar very much.

SAP University Alliance has now established strong positions in Normandy with several schools and expects to create new relationships with local clients in the next months (projects, internships,…)