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There are always new employees coming on board and new software features to learn. Business processes need to change overnight to adapt to new markets and regulations. Old barriers such as distance, language, and cultural differences have fallen, and organizations both large and small need to adapt to a constantly evolving world of competition and cooperation. Without rapid adoption and ongoing learning, a company is going to have big trouble maintaining its viability.

As an SAP SuccessFactors Learning customer, you already own the most capable LMS in the market, and you’re likely delivering very effective eLearning programs. But if you’re using legacy eLearning creation tools to painstakingly modify your offerings every time a process changes or new opportunities arise, you’re losing considerable time and money.

And think of this: if your end users need to learn a series of steps for carrying out a transaction, it makes sense to provide them with “fingertip learning”: the information they need at the precise moment they need it, right there on screen as they perform their transactions. In other words, context-sensitive user help -- as a supplement to or even as a replacement for formal eLearning or classroom training.

With SAP Workforce Performance Builder, you can complement your learning environment with a state-of-the-art content creation system that’s fully integrated into SAP SuccessFactors Learning.   SAP Workforce Performance Builder automates development and delivery of learning materials of all kinds: eLearning, end-user performance support resources, micro-learning, mobile learning – even traditional printed process documentation – and all in multiple languages.

The great beauty of SAP Workforce Performance Builder is how quickly and simply it creates these materials.  You’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to get your subject matter experts (SMEs) together with your course creators to produce new learning content. With SAP Workforce Performance Builder, that’s not a problem. All your SMEs need to do is run a transaction: SAP Workforce Performance Builder automatically records and clearly documents the process. In a single step, it captures the process steps and produces the content creator’s choice of outputs. The materials always mirror your exact environment, and they’re always 100% accurate. And you can deploy your new learning materials right away or give them to your professional course developers to further edit and customize for the exact result you’re seeking. You can even use its automated ‘rerecording’ functionality to recreate a recording made in one language in another without author intervention, complete with screens in the second language – that alone is a huge time and money saver.

With SAP Workforce Performance Builder integrated into your SAP SuccessFactors Learning system, you have a complete learning solution and rapidly adaptable learning environment. You can create, deploy, track, monitor, and evaluate all your learning activities -- including compliance training and talent development -- in a single system that talks directly to your SAP CRM and HR solutions. You can even send all of your Learning and Development financials directly to your core SAP financial system to completely analyze the ROI of your learning programs. The size of your company is no barrier: SAP Workforce Performance Builder is available in different editions to meet the needs of any sized organization.

To learn more about SAP Workforce performance builder and how it can transform your learning environment, click here.