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TechEd is a place where people get excited about the possibilities using technology. Up until this conference, I had only taken a few SAP related and Management Information Systems courses. Coming from a liberal arts background I was nervous to jump into the “Techie” arena. What I found was that all sorts of people and industries were represented. “Tech” isn’t solely about hardware and software anymore, it’s about the impact and potential it brings to the people that use it.

Before even walking onto the show floor in the Venetian, I was greeted by familiar faces in the SAP community including SAP University Alliance Staff and interns, students and Professors from UA schools, and SAP Mentors. Before heading to my shift at the Mobile App Help Desk, I grabbed some decals to add my badge – “You’ve got to be coding me” and “Have you tried turning it on and off?” happened to be my favorites. While walking around the show floor, I stumbled upon Andreas Wendel of SAP SE giving a demo on “Digital Farming”. He pointed out a heat map, showing where and how much fertilizer was being sprayed on the field, and he even showed the truck moving in real-time across the field. He explained that you will be able to determine the optimal amount of water and nutrients that crops need and this way farmers will save resources and time, and managing logistics will be much easier. Farming – the very last industry I would associate with technology, is now benefitting from Internet of Things and Predictive Analytics!


As a student, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people that wanted to include us in discussions. In fact, a few of us attended a diversity and inclusion event  where we got to informally brainstorm ways to make employees feel involved, safe, and heard in the workplace. As three young women just beginning our careers, it was very reassuring that people were excited to learn what we look forward to, and our ideal work environment.


After five days that flew by, we I left with about eight thumb drives, three t-shirts, a Neptune Software stress ball, and a whole lot of business cards from conversations with developers, analysts, and “SAP experts”. I can say with absolute certainty that whatever your occupation, academic background, or interests are, you will be able to see the effects of technology and the power of collaborative thinking. I feel lucky and excited to be able to learn from people that are truly excited about the opportunities that innovation in technology affords us.

The Digital Farming demonstration on the show floor.

SAP Mentors doing what they do best.

DemoJam Finalists from California State University, Chico.

SAP University Alliances students on our final night - not to worry, all 21!