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On November 28 2014, 25 students from Fontys university college Eindhoven and the university college of Amsterdam, members of SAP University Alliances, @SAP_UA, came together in the SAP building. VNSG (the Dutch SAP User group) organized on this day a Design Thinking session for students in cooperation with SAP NL and the colleges. A successful and creative afternoon!

Design Thinking.

Design Thinking is a mindset backed by a suite of tools that gives us a powerful new way to solve problems and unlock potential. It complements our existing approaches by focusing on understanding the human side of things — what our technology is and what that technology means to you and to your customers. Summarized in 3 words: “imagine.create.innovate”. Find more info on

The Challenge.

The challenge where students have gone to get started is in the underground car park of the SAP building. Namely SAP Netherlands has fewer parking spaces for hybrid cars with a charging point than hybrid car drivers. This means that not all hybrid cars can be recharged. The challenge was to come up with a suitable solution here by innovation with technology to be applied in a Design Thinking session.

The Activities.

The six groups of students went to study in the parking garage of the SAP building, interviewed employees of SAP and made use of desk research. All this to come up with the best idea! Ultimately, each group has presented his or her creative idea, for example by using a storyboard, a prototype or a dashboard.

Finding the Winner of the Design Thinking session!

For the jury (3 lectures of the participating colleges, SAP specialists and VNSG members) it was a difficult task to determine the winner. The ideas were very diverse – from rewarding systems to competitions-  to let all hybrid car drivers go home every day with a battery fully loaded. Therefore, two groups are spoiled candy jars and a real VNSG Design Thinking medal!

The Future. ESA/SAP up-coming events.

This was also a good exercise for the students to be prepared for the challenge of ESA (European Space Agency) and SAP University Alliances starting on 1 December 2014.

Please join the Join the ESA App Camp, sponsored by SAP University Alliances @SAP_UA:

From space, our planet’s atmosphere, land, and water can be monitored for multiple application fields.

This is where the ESA App Camp comes in:

It challenges developers to create innovative applications that will make Earth observation data accessible to a broad audience and create value in the process.

Read much more on

Until 19.1.2015 you can make and register your proposal solution as mock-up and a business plan.

Be invited to the "Appathons" at different locations (incl. ESA BIC Nordwijk NL on 24-25 Jan 2015);

If you would like to give feedback please do it via mailto://

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