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60 students and 2 professors from St. Joseph's Institute of Technology Chennai visited SAP Labs India bangalore office on 9th January 2015. The third year students of computer engineering and information technology were eager to know more about SAP and learn something new during the visit. And living up to their expectations Chiranjeev Brahma and Krishna Kumar delivered wonderful sessions.

Chiranjeev Brahma from SAP University Alliances started the proceedings narrating the SAP Corporate story to the students. The story mainly covered the 5 focus markets for SAP - Applications, Analytics, Database, Cloud and Mobility. This was followed by a Design Thinking activity. In this activity the students were given the task of completing the marshmallow challenge. The session elicited a great response for the students as they competed with each other. At the end of the session Chiranjeev explained the basics of Design Thinking and its application.

In the next session, Krishna Kumar from the Reference Application team presented the concepts of HANA and its features. He also touched upon HANA cloud Platform and gave a demo of the application cockpit which the students can use to create their own HCP applications. In the last session, the students were intorduced to the App Rumble India 2015 competition. The contest piqued the interest of several students and they registered for it immediately.

SAP University Alliances team in India is delighted with the response from the students and hope that they have some useful takeaways from the visit.