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On Monday July 20th, 2015, a group of 13 students from Zhejiang University came to visit SAP Labs China. They major in software engineering, and have a great interest in SAP. So they contacted Josie, program manager of University Alliances, to apply for an enterprise tour to have an overview idea of SAP and deepen their understanding of their major.

Josie took them visited the Labs office, including Milestone wall, Gym center, Canteen, Coffee corner, Balcony and various function rooms. After visiting the working spaces in SAP, Josie gave an overall introduction of SAP about business scope, market competitiveness, self-learning resources and interesting club activities. The college students asked a series of questions about Design Thinking methodology and Vocational Training project. Such as “How does the Design Thinking influence the software development process?”; ”Which field or industry are innovative solutions of SAP applied most? ”; and “How to prepare for the future to meet the companies’ requirements? ” Josie explained these questions with lively examples. They were all led to thoughtful consideration and the atmosphere was impassioned.

It is really a great experience for SAP UA and the university. We wish today’s activity will definitely benefit them in the future. Just as the slogan of SAP says, which the students be curious about, “Run Simple to Improve People’s Lives!”