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What's new with SAP Credential Manager


Credential Manager is a solution hosted by Pearson Credential Management that allows companies and individuals to manage their certification process in a more automated fashion.


If you are already certified, you've received a mail from credential-manager in order to activate your personal account. you can find this place at

In other words, once you passed your SAP certification, your profile will be updated with your new skills and you can decide to publish or not your certification.




The tool allows customers and partners to quickly verify that candidates have the qualifications listed on their curriculum vitae or resume. And customers can search for a certified consultant for a specific SAP® solution by geographical area.


To search a certiified consultant, got to


You realize numerous benefits, discounted products, and free knowledge-sharing sessions, and the ability to easily manage your certification needs. Furthermore, Credential Manager allows verification of your certification status in several ways. You can publish credentials to a prospective employer or customer, or elect to appear in a registry of certified resources, where customers can search for certified resources in their area. A customer can also check your certification status through a simple global application process.



Main features


Two of the key features of the Credential Manager portal are the following:


  • Allows employers and customers to verify a candidate’s certification status quickly and easily Certified Community Portal

  • Provides certified individuals with access to discounted products, and free knowledge-sharing sessions in a restricted area


Show your value !


With this new website, you can express to the world how you run SAP better. A good point for you as a consultant or "expert" and of cours for your company. Customers find with this place, a secure area to pick the best SAP players.


For example, you can find me as a consultant certified on BI Plaform 4.0 and Incident Management with SAP BusinessObjects :cool:



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