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In March 2013 SAP announced a partnership with the Interaction Design Foundation (IDF), an organization that provides free text books and online education materials created by leading academics and practitioners of software design. SAP is a leading supporter of IDF through SAP co-CEO Jim Snabe’s US$600,000 sponsorship.

IDF’s educational resources, as well as MOOCs available through Open SAP, are being promoted through the “Share The Knowledge Tour.” IDF’s biker, Max, will bike and canoe more than 35,000 miles over 4 years, stopping at universities, SAP offices, and companies to share knowledge of IDF’s mission of providing free text books and online education materials on software design to educate more students and professionals in emerging economies as well as the developed world.

The tour kicks off at SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando, Florida on May 13th. From there, Max will bike and canoe over 6,000 miles in 6 months in the first leg of his journey across North America. His plans include heading up the U.S. east coast, crossing Ontario, visiting the Midwest, stopping at Vancouver, and ending in Palo Alto by early November.

Students, professors, and members of university and local communities will meet Max, hear his inspiring story to bring high quality education materials to every part of the world to improve lives, and see his cutting edge touring technology. Professors and students at University Alliances member schools can register to receive free membership in IDF as well as Open SAP.

This is a great human interest story. We expect the online following will eventually become quite substantial, enabling many people to be aware and support IDF’s mission. We encourage everyone to follow Max's bike tour online!

Max shows his cutting edge cycling technology to attendees at SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando.


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