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We take “Simple” seriously.

Run Simple, of course, isn’t just a new SAP slogan, though we’ll admit it sounds pretty catchy. Run Simple is a whole new way of doing business here – from our sparkling new user interfaces, to our uncomplicated contracting, to literally everything we do at SAP.

So when SAP Education set about re-designing its web shop,, “simple” became more than a guideline – it became our mantra.

We took a critical look at every page – where things were difficult, we made them easier; where they were cumbersome, we made them more agile; where they were hard to understand, we re-wrote them. And along the way, we created a cleaner, more visually appealing interface.

You’ll find more information about SAP’s exciting new Learning Hub and our innovative SAP live access program. You’ll find more information particular to your region. You'll receive notification when a class you’re interested in is scheduled.  And perhaps most important, you’ll find that it’s far simpler to search for a SAP Learning Hub subscription or individual class, book your training, and complete the transaction.

We’ve committed ourselves to providing the simplest, most transparent web shop we can – so you can spend your time training, and not struggling with registration. We invite you to try it for yourself – the Global Premiere of the new is February 25.  Until then, you can check out our silent demo by clicking here.

We invite you to log on once the new site goes live.  Look around, and try it out. We think you’ll be pleased. It's that simple.