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How do you manage the impact onto your strategic goals?

I am a strong promoter of the fact that every employee has an impact onto the strategic objectives of an enterprise.

At SAPPHIRE NOW Madrid there will be fascinating SAP solutions displayed - the ultimate statement: There are always two parts to any SAP solution.

  • the SAP solution itself
  • the people who use it

The question is how do you set the foundation and how do you monitor on execution to achieve the maximum contribution towards your objectives. There are ways to set this right from the beginning and there are ways to monitor this and pro-actively adjust this towards the maximum contribution.

Get the most out of your training initiatives with our learning software and service solutions. We can help you create, disseminate, assess and manage training content so that your workforce is empowered to be the best they can be. Ensure your training program is strategically aligned with your business goals from the initial training needs assessment through to implementation.

Join the SAP Education Lounge, Hall 9 (within the SAP Services area) at SAPPHIRE NOW in Madrid.