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On November 24, 2015 the SAP Young Thinkers Team organized two Workshops at the Eduard-
Spranger-Gymnasium (ESG) in Filderstadt in Design Thinking and Scratch. The ESG is one of 18 MINT
Excellence Schools in Baden-Württemberg and today also became a member of the SAP Young
Thinkers Program.

In the workshops 45 students from 10 to 17 years got an insight into coding with Scratch or completed
all steps of the Design Thinking Process.

In Scratch they programmed their own little computer game lead by a SAP colleague using the
Wissensfabrik module "Easy Coding with Scratch". Fascinating how concentrated and into
programming they were, no sound to be heard and they even needed to be sent home as they totally
forgot time. As a feedback they all gave us “Straight A” (excellent). One student said walking out of the
door ‘SAP and coding is just cool’.

In the Design Thinking workshop three heterogenic groups worked at the challenge: “What will the
learning experience for students looks like in the future?”.
Everybody was really into the challenge
and the results were very various but all highlighted the enormous importance of digitalization,

media and technical based hands-on learning in all flavors (e.g. build your own learning App) as a
fundamental piece for successful and fun learning for students.

Also Mr. Reinhardt Molt, mayor of Filderstadt visited the workshop to experience Design Thinking and
to witness the presentations of the groups and learn about their needs for a motivating learning

The feedback of all participants and guests was very positive one quote illustrating the mood: ‘ We
should have this for all classes in our school and for all schools in our country!