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We at SAP University Alliances India are hitting the roads once again and this time we would be reaching out to students in Coimbatore in a bid to spread awareness about SAP, its technologies and all the other exciting topics such as SAP Student Entrepreneurship program, Academy Cube going Global, SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Not only would we be connecting to colleges to understand how SAP University Alliances can enrich the curriculum but we will take this opportunity to reach out to the many of the students to inspire them for a career in SAP. Most importantly the students should know about the various learning avenues such as the SAP Learning Hub Student Edition, MOOCs such as openSAP which host amazing topics such as “Software Development using the SAP HANA Cloud Platform” and many more. The students should also know about the various contests that SAP University Alliances hosts yearly so that the student can get their hands dirty on our technologies and prepare themselves for their careers!

In these sessions we would cover the following topics from SAP perspective and hope this will be useful for the students.

  1. 1.       Analytics – How SAP Tackles Big Data?
  2. 2.       Cloud Solutions by SAP
  3. 3.       Applications – Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Business Suite
  4. 4.       Mobility (mobile platform and application development)
  5. 5.       Database and Technology – covering SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Internet of Things

The following are the college that we will be visiting.

  • 6 July - SRI Ramakrishna Engineering College
  • 7 July - Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
  • 7 July - Sri Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • 8 July - Kumaraguru College of Technology
  • 9 July - DT Workshop at PSG College of Technology
  • 10 July - SAP CodeJam on SAP Lumira at PSG College of Technology
  • 10 July - Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore

More cities in the pipeline!