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By now you've probably heard about Mobility, Cloud-computing, Big Data, Real-time Performance, In-Memory Data Management, and how SAP HANA facilitates the best of it all at record speeds.  

You probably want to get busy navigating your way in the know-how of these mega trending capabilities.  So like me you've asked the question:

'Where do I have to go to get a handle on training & certification in the latest and greatest of what SAP has to offer?'

The answer to that question is now literally anywhere you can take your smart mobile device.

                    Seriously.. when has that ever before been the case?

SAP just announced a new massive open online course (MOOC) for development training in the SAP HANA Platform!  Innovative technology thus appropriately meets innovative education methods. 

Now there will be an actual development training course toward a certification in SAP Hana Platform, a masterpiece of the powerful cloud-based digital era,  available to anyone with a smart mobile device.

Under the traditional way, my student budget would be way too tight to allow me to afford a typical certification training like this, even if I had the time.  This is the new way: A relevant course that won't break my budget of money or time.  The flexibility of the training itself is how it really supports me as student.  This six week course will only cost me about 4 hours a week whenever I feel like it, plus I can consume the content at my own convenience.  The SAP HANA Platform Development Training custom fits around my own busy student schedule. It's built with my mobile lifestyle in mind.  In fact, I can even consume course activities like lectures offline!

This sort of flexibility means to a penny-pinching student like me that even while I am studying I can complement my current bachelor education & differentiate myself with  training and a certificate of achievement in a field of technology that companies  of all kinds are tripping over themselves to hire talent in.

In fact, I hope my lecturers are paying attention because I wouldn't mind if they could incorporate this (and future MOOC's from SAP, I hope) as additional training options for relevant courses.  I'm halfway through a Bachelor of Science degree in Global Business Informatics at the IT University of Copenhagen, and I'm keen on getting a head start on getting competitive and creative for making my mark in the real world.

So on the surface it is one thing to get offered expert lectures, self-tests, weekly assignments and online discussion forums in a "consume at your convenience" format on a powerful 100% open platform being broadly adopted for both SAP and non-SAP use cases.

But the real beauty lies deeper. The opportunity to mine out capabilities that are yet untapped in what is being called the perfect storm of innovation (big data, cloud, mobile technology) is now massively open to the world.  And when I say the world I especially note the young, energetic, creative minds of students who can carry such innovative technologies to their fullest extent when it comes to real-world application for any critical challenge or worthwhile opportunity facing businesses today.

Imagine the potential that this powerful type of education + certification opportunity can yield when put at the fingertips of so many people, so young, across the planet?  Perhaps you can see why I think making an open course for training in something so potent as SAP HANA Platform is the type of innovation that is an accelerator for innovations.  

So now it's my turn to take this opportunity to boost my development training along with these the cleverest of my peers.  In such an easy-to-access format who wouldn't sign up to get the technical know-how to engage with the most promising technologies of tomorrow, today?

So for anyone, especially students, looking to get literate in navigating the sky-scape of opportunities the future has to offer: get educated, get smarter, get mobile, get flexible.  Get your hands on SAP HANA Platform training. 

'See' you in class.


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Great Ben, It is nice to see that it is possible to learn "SAP" online.

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SAP HANA online is good news for African software developers...

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the app is only available at the US iTunes store, right? When will it be available at Germany also?



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Hi Christoph,

Good news: You can sign up and access this course simply by going to  So far 10,000 people have signed up!

Once you sign-up you can already go through the courses warm-up course activities in preparation for monday's (27 May) official course start!

I like the way you're thinking, though. There should be a mobile app optimized for SAP's new  Massive Open Online Course on SAP HANA Platform Development.

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Thanks for your reply!


I am aware of openSAP...

The current number for course one is "12439 learners are currently enrolled." (src:

If you are at Facebook there is also a Fan Page for openSAP:



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The number of enrolled students is now 28,000! 

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I am enrolled in that "class" too! Learning so many new interesting topics about database :smile:

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Hi Ben,

Thank you for this great blog about SAP new massive open online course (MOOC) for development training in the SAP HANA Platform! Do you have a update on the number of people signing up?

Looking forward to see more shared info like this in the future :smile:

Best regards,


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Thanks Jacob!
35077 learners are currently enrolled.

By the way, seeing that the number keeps growing from week to week, and knowing the benefit I'm getting from the course so far, it's not too late for others to jump in and benefit!

If anybody hasn't yet enrolled, but would still be interested in the learning

Tell them to go to and take part in these audio-visual course materials and share your insights & questions in the course discussion with your fellow 35000+ classmates (that's a lot of knowledge sharing & lots of eyes that can see your questions to help you in your progress)! 

Here's what we're learning this week (week 4 of 6):

"Topic of the Week

Week 4 deals with the topic of Exposing and Consuming Data with OData. We have prepared the following units for you:

Unit 1: Exposing and Consuming Data - Architecture
Unit 2: SAPUI5
Unit 3: Creating a User Interface with SAPUI5
Unit 4: OData Services
Unit 5: Creating a Simple OData Service
Unit 6: Creating a Complex OData Service
Unit 7: Calling an OData Service from the User Interface"