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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Its time for the final SAP Learning Hub News update of 2015! Lets begin December with the latest SAP Learning Hub happenings. Check out the SAP Learning Hub News archive if you have missed previous updates. You can also sign up for our email newsletter here to get the news delivered directly to your inbox.

HCM in the Welcome Learning Room

The human capital management (HCM) page within the Welcome Learning Room is now open for visitors. It serves as a central overview of all HR solution learning opportunities being offered on SAP Learning Hub. Selections are divided by deployment model: cloud, on premise, and hybrid. Stop by and take a look around. Enter the Welcome Learning Room and click on the HCM LoB tab on the top right of the page.

SAP Certification in the Welcome Learning Room

HCM is not the only new page in the Welcome Learning Room. You can now visit the SAP Certification page by clicking its tab at the top of the Welcome Learning Room home page. The SAP Certification page serves as an overview of the SAP certification program. This should be your first stop when beginning your journey as an SAP certified professional and also the place to manage your certifications and ask questions.

Customer-Specific SAP Learning Rooms

IBM, Deloitte, and Murphy Oil are the first pioneers to begin using their very own customer-specific SAP Learning Rooms. These are a great option for customers that are looking to collaborate privately on internal learning topics within SAP Learning Rooms. Reach out to your SAP Education contact for more information.

Curriculum Overview Session for SAP HANA

For those of you who have not explored the Global SAP Learning Hub Enablement page yet, we encourage you to check out the upcoming session schedule and attend the one-hour SAP HANA curriculum overview session. It will be on December 9 starting at 14:00 CET, 08:00 EST, and 20:00 SGT. This will be a great primer on what SAP Learning Hub has to offer and where to start learning. Keep an eye out for future sessions into 2016.

Supervisor Item Assignment Made Easier

A new user interface for SAP Learning Hub supervisors to manage the assignment of items and curricula to users is now live for all private cloud versions of SAP Learning Hub. This new interface is designed to address the bulk of the problems supervisors have been facing and save them time. Click here to view the walkthrough that is currently available within the Welcome Learning Room to see how things have been improved.

SAP PartnerEdge – SAP Partner Excellence Learning Room

Here is a SAP Learning Room for our partner marketing staff, sales executives, and presales consultants. The goal of this room is to streamline and enrich the interaction process between partner organizations and SAP.  SAP partners and Global Partner Operations can align here on best practices as well as relevant partner-related topics.


Introducing: The Banking Learning Room

Anyone interested in banking services from SAP within the SAP Learning Hub community should take notice that there is now an SAP Learning Room just for them. The initial focus of the Banking Learning Room is on certifications in transaction banking and analytical banking. Future content on the soon-to-be released banking services from SAP 9.0 will also make its way into the Banking Learning Room at the beginning of 2016.

SAP Learning Rooms: Some Closures

The following SAP Learning Rooms will be set to read-only by December 16 and will be physically deleted by January 16, 2016.

  • SAP Project Management with SAP Solution Manager Learning Room
    • The SAP Activate Learning Room moderated by Uli Hauke and Jan Musil is the successor to this room.
  • Subgroup: Innovation Adoption for China Learning Room
  • Subgroup: Innovation Adoption for Japan Learning Room
  • Subgroup: SAP Korea Innovation Adoption

The following SAP Learning Room will be set to read-only by December 16 and archived by January 16, 2016.

  • Innovation Adoption Learning Room

  The Rapid Deployment of SAP Innovations Learning Room moderated by Uli Hauke will be the successor to this room.