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For professionals, end users, and students alike, SAP Learning Hub is becoming the go-to source for quickly obtaining competitive SAP skills for the digital economy. As knowledge is key to a successful digital transformation for any business, there is a high need for flexible, on-demand learning that helps companies build a strong digital core. And that’s what thousands of SAP customers find on SAP Learning Hub.

We are happy to announce that SAP Learning Hub now has a community of more than 500,000 learners. This forum reaches more individuals than ever before as it delivers a rich learning experience based on the latest SAP innovations.

The choice of when, where, and what to learn

SAP Learning Hub empowers businesses and individuals to build up the knowledge and skills needed to maximize the value of SAP solutions and prepare them for the digital transformation. The hub is a comprehensive and effective enablement program that is designed for those working or preparing to work with SAP software. It offers a wide range of social and collaborative tools and educational content to help maximize the benefits of SAP software.

As a cloud-based enablement platform, subscribers have anytime, anywhere access to training tools and materials so learning is more convenient and less expensive. Designed to provide a rich learning experience through three dimensions of enablement, the hub provides access to:

  SAP Learning Room, where SAP experts provide social learning with peers via live sessions.

   Learning Content,
with unlimited access to e-learning content, including Learning Journey tools for various SAP certifications.

  SAP Live Access, an exclusive option for on-demand access to live SAP training systems.


Maximizing profitability

The mission of SAP Learning Hub is to help SAP customers prepare for the different variations of digitization projects their organizations may face as their businesses transform. We are very happy that many of our customers have confirmed the business value of our digital learning offerings, as seen here :

   Achieved a 93% lower average cost per training interaction (as compared to previous year).

   Reduced the required number of training days by 95%

   Increased in customer satisfaction by 65%.


We are excited to see this evolving growth in our learning community but we are not stopping here. We will continue to provide a leading enablement platform for the digital age. Thank you for your trust!

If you like to learn more about SAP Learning Hub, please visit
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