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Here are the highlights of the First SAP Inside Track Student Edition & perhaps the world Biggest SIT @SRKR Engineering College, Bheemavaram, AP. Let's explore what happened in the event.

Venue: SRKR Engineering College


Event was hosted in SRKR Engineering College Campus (Soon will upload, Hele Cam Shots). The campus looks impressive and has as history that is 30+ years old.

Indian Traditional Start: Lamp Lightening Ceremony

The event began with Lamp Lightening Ceremony. For those who are not aware of this ceremony, it plays a vital role in Indian Culture. The lamp here signifies knowledge and as we enlighten the lamp and as it illuminates we are pushing the ignorance and imprudence away and gaining the wisdom and knowledge in our thoughts.

Amazingly, GoPro with Helecam & Gimbal for Video Coverage were used.

4000+ Participants

This event hosted more than 4000 students on Jan 31 2015 @ SRKRE College, Bheemavarm, AP

3 Tracks - Counselling, Technical and Big Data

Being the first ever SIT for students a well-designed career Counseling track for students was included along with dedicated tracks on technology and Big Data

Mementos & Medals

  • To Speakers:

As the motto goes, “Learn, Share and grow”. All the speakers were given a memento in recognition of their willingness to share their knowledge and help us win together as a community and to carry forward our community spirit.

  • To Guests:

       We were delighted to have guests from different companies & they shared their experience by conducting sessions

  • To Organizers:

Being a community driven event, organizing is one of the challenges especially with 295 participants. The community has acknowledged the organizers’ efforts with a friendly gesture with mementos like these.


Lucky draw

Apart from the medallions and mementos to the organizers and speakers, you might wonder what it is in for the participant in addition to the sumptuous sessions and delicious lunch.It is not just an event where you gather knowledge but also if you are lucky you can go home withsurprise gifts.

Lucky participants were given a medal by taking a lucky draw to spread the joy of sharing and happiness