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Excited to announce that SAP University Alliances India with the support of SAP Labs colleagues from the HCP Reference apps team in Bangalore and professors of MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore would be hosting around 25 professors for an overview workshop on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. This workshop is for 2 days 15 and 16 July 2015.

The first day would comprise of theory while the 2nd day would have hands-on exercises for the participants.

The agenda and the material prepared is largely to cover the following topics.

  1. Day 1: Overview of SAP HANA Cloud Platform
    1. What is Cloud and the HANA Cloud Platform
    2. What can HCP do? What kind of applications can be built on it?
    3. Use cases/ scenarios
    4. HANA Cloud Platform in Details
      • In-memory computing, parallel processing

  1. Day 2: Hands-on with exercises

Looking forward to a great workshop!