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If someone took time to follow SAP travelling around CIS region, (s)he should notice that 2013 was a year of SAP Forum events the last of which was held early October in Minsk, Belorussia. SAP University Alliances being the mandatory part of SAP Forum series couldn't stay at home and, by tradition, organized the dedicated section for Belarussian professors.

The work scheme with local universities is truly unique and cycled. Almost each SAP UA member has SAP partner behind that strictly follows the maturity of educational materials around SAP technologies and systems, holds open lectures and seminars and plays the role of employer with the right to hire the best. When the horizon of employment is so logical, close and realistic, student motivation goes up hugely. And faculty staff also benefits from this «business – education» linkage because it's always oriented on the factual needs with the great opportunity to check the chosen direction with industry experts.  

SAP University Alliances CIS is fully committed to support this chain and to provide resources to make the triangular collaboration as fruitful as it can be. That's why SAP UA section as SAP Forum Minsk 2013 invited not only professors but representatives from the partners (i.e., famous and respected EPAM) who got acquainted with the new program strategy (LEARN | APPLY | SHARE | RECRUIT) as well as with the «intellectual capitals» backing up each statement.

Our most motivating part – Q&A – was devastating, so many questions, so much interest that we continued unofficial discussions far after the official section time was over. It brings hope that in 2014 Belarussia will be the pearl of SAP University Alliances CIS from activities' standpoint. By the way, the 1st Belorussian SAP student InnoJam is already scheduled for March 2014.