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Dear SAP-community,

the invitation to the SAP forum arrived more by surprise than anything else in my email account. ”The annual SAP Forum of 2013 takes place for two days in Zell am See, students are welcome to apply and will be granted permission to the workshops, seminars, etc. if their profile seems suitable.” I thought that this seems to be quite a good chance to get top-notch information about the IT-industry, might get valuable connections and experience two adventurous days with the social program as well. So I applied and got accepted within a couple of hours.

SAP gladly covered all the costs for accommodation and provisions during the stay, so I only had to manage to book a train ticket. At the forum I experienced quite a substantial amount of expertized lecturers, charismatic SAP managers, as well as valuable insights in the IT industry’s current hot topics. Especially the current topics with regard to data storage, getting meaningful information out of the massive amount of Big Data being permanently created in social media networks, as well as the possibility to fully integrate ERP systems with each and every device in a corporation with SAP HANA were quite astonishing to me.

Especially the design thinking workshop was strikingly interesting to me. I learned how to analyze any business process and break it down towards the ultimate customer needs to clearly understand the driving forces behind each step taken in fulfilling the customer needs. The workshop was among one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in my professional career. I highly recommend taking the chance whenever being invited to such a workshop!

I never thought of an event of that size, being that well organized and smoothly run. The social part was not missing, either. As I learned, the SAP-community is apt to thoroughly celebrate a successful year together with their clients. All in all I would like to thank SAP for being granted the opportunity to participate in that event. I learned a lot about IT related topics, met some quite interesting people and spent some good times together with open minded individuals that are striving towards change.

Best regards,


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