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Learning @ the Speed of Change is the SAP Education North America e-magazine, published several times a year.  Frequently we're asked where readers can get links to our earlier issues.

Here's a list issues with their respective links:

November, 2014: Back to Class

Everybody's talking about online and cloud learning.  Go "back to class" in an SAP classroom where SAP students weigh in on this debate.  Also hear from a popular SAP Community Network (SCN) blogger who has chosen her own path for training. | Mark Green, co-moderator of the "SAP HANA Introduction, Implementation & Modeling" learning room, weaves a tale about Julie, a consultant who achieves SAP HANA certification with a little help from her friends in an SAP learning room. | And, learn about training for SAP HANA, service pack 8, SuccessFactors, and Ariba.

July, 2014: Customers take the stage!

The Summer 2014 issue summarizes key SAP Education news from SAPPHIRE NOW, including features about the SAP Fiori and SAP Communication Center by ANCILE announcements at SAPPHIRE NOW, as well as news about SAP Learning Hub.  | The issue also features our customers, Pfizer, Inc., Johns Manville, and Goldcorp, who generously shared their time and knowledge to help us tell their success stories.

March, 2014:  Super users, SAP Learning Hub, and a fun tale about an SAP instructor

SAP super users are on the front lines, dealing with change every day.  Claudia Faerber is one f our resident experts on change management and super users, and she's written about how to take your super user program to a new level. If you’ve ever thought about building a super user program, Claudia has something to teach you.  |  As a subscriber-based cloud solution, SAP Learning Hub always delivers the latest SAP training content, giving your employees an easy way to keep up with changes in SAP. Now, it offers new possibilities for virtual social learning. We asked some SAP Education colleagues to explain why this is so valuable to learners.  |  SAP instructor Joel Gilbert introduces you to a new learning room with the help of Mr. Peabody and Sherman, and we provide a first look at SAP Assessment Management by Questionmark.

October, 2013:  A familiar SAP learning journey, microlearning, and best practices

In our first-ever e-magazine, the people of SAP Education – our instructors, consultants, partners, and executives – tell the story of our ongoing reinvention from their own perspectives.  First, we take you on an enlightening Learning Journey that shows how our solutions have evolved to help you in all phases of your SAP life cycle. | SAP consultant  Claudia Mandelli offers a first-hand account of how we’re helping customers blend traditional learning methods with modern technology to create new learning models.  | Julie Williamson-Wright describes services to help you sustain your training and support infrastructure
long after the excitement of go-live subsides. |  Linda Lamppert of GP Strategies explains how our 2013 Best Practices Award winner, GE Industrial Solutions, developed an innovative end user training approach for its business in China (page 7).  |   Malcolm Poulin of ANCILE Solutions offers his insightful take on microlearning.

We try to make these magazines informative as well as enjoyable.  Please take a look and let us know what you think.  I hope they are helpful!