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SAP Global Certification is excited to announce that Jose Raul Lopez Medina has achieved bronze status in the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Rewards Initiative by successfully submitted 10 items that can be used for future HANA certification exams.  For his efforts, SAP Global Certification will
reward Mr. Lopez with a free exam voucher. Mr. Lopez is employed by HP and has implemented several national and international projects and is scheduled to implement a large SAP HANA contract in the Iberian Peninsula. Mr. Lopez has over six years of experience in many SAP technology areas with a focus on process integration.  Mr. Lopez also holds an MBA to further his administration and business management skills.

The Global Certification Team appreciates Mr. Lopez’s valuable contribution to the certification program. SAP recognizes the value of including the very latest experience and knowledge in its exams and encourages anyone with a current SAP certification to start contributing to the SAP Crowdsourced Certification Questions Program.

Follow this link for directions on how to get started: