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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

SAP's Global Certification team encourages you to submit certification questions for possible inclusion in future SAP certification exams. To help contributors become proficient at item writing (i.e. questions, as well as answers to questions), we are pleased to introduce our new “Rules for Success” series of short videos. This campaign breaks down the rules outlined in our item writing guidelines into manageable segments. So far, we have released three videos and more will follow over the coming weeks and months.

Using Standard English

Because certification questions must be understood by both native and non-native English speakers, it is important to write your questions in Standard English. This video explains some very important points to consider when writing items.


This video discussed how you can use the six function words to write certification questions. These function words are: what, when, where, which, why and how.

Content and Level

This rule ensures your items submitted tests a candidate's ability to perform a specific task and that  also your questions are within the confines of a particular level. In order to get potential item writers up to speed on the item writing rules, GCT plans to release more videos in the upcoming weeks and months.


Fairness is about creating items (questions and multiple choice answers) that are free of favoritism or bias. Items must be created with an international audience in mind. This means that items must be created with-out stereotypes and must be gender-neutral.


Brevity is the ability to be clear but concise. The item writer must ensure that an item only relates to the piece of knowledge that is being tested.


Using negatives in a question can cause confusion especially for non-native speakers and therefore avoid them altogether.

Answer choices

Answer choices should be roughly of equal length. They should not provide clues as to the correct answer or answers.

SAP Terminology

When developing items (questions and answers), always use the full name of a transaction and the complete name of a term followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.

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