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Can you put in spending limits as you can with Google Cloud for example?

How likely is it that you would end up accidently incurring charges?





I have one of these individual accounts and it looks the same as any productive BTP account. It is set to the Pay As You Go pricing model. There is no option that I am aware of to limit spending via a currency amount.

The owner of the account just needs to be extremely careful that they know what they are doing and don't spin-up services that are not free and don't add any service plans that are not free to a service with free tier.

I have worked as a developer/admin for BTP in a large global company for a number of years so I am very familiar with the admin side and costs. As soon as I saw this announcement my first thought for developers signing up without prior experience is that they could make a mistake and get a huge shock when unexpected charges appear on their credit card.

I hope SAP add the ability for users to cap how much they want to spend on a PAYG account, like the other cloud providers do, it's a much needed feature.


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Hello @former_member41, thank you for this guide!

Unfortunately, I've been having issues registering for the BTP Free Tier. I tried both registering my own personal developer account and one for my employer company to no success with either option.

You can refer to my question in the community for more details about the particular errors. I've noticed I'm not the only one receiving these errors. Is this a known bug in the registration portal?

I would appreciate any sort of insight about any upcoming fixes or possible workarounds for this issue.

Thank you in advance,


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Dear @Former Member in this BTP learning group, we unfortuantely cannot help with technical issues. Please contact our support through the SAP ONE Support launchpad.