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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In 2019, Sangfor Technologies Inc. ("Sangfor") obtained the SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners, and has been an official SAP-recommended service provider for many years. Since becoming an SAP partner, Sangfor has been committed to providing high-quality maintenance services for SAP customers. SAP interviewed Sangfor and asked them to share their experience with the SAP Outsourcing Partner Certification.

We might want to start by introducing your company, Sangfor Technologies, and talk about the services you offer.

Sangfor Technologies Inc. was founded in 2000 and is a product and service provider specializing in enterprise-level network security, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, and Internet of Things (IoT). Currently, Sangfor has over 9,000 employees and provides products and services to more than 100,000 enterprise-level users worldwide in over 50 countries and regions, laying a solid foundation for their digital transformation.

Sangfor has two major business brands - Sangfor Security and Sangfor Cloud, as well as a subsidiary company, Sundray, all working together to achieve the mission of making digital transformation simpler and more secure for every user. They continuously accumulate, polish, and innovate in the areas of network security, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, and IoT to build a solid foundation for the digital transformation of their users.

Why did you initially apply for the certification program to become an SAP outsourcing operations partner?

Sangfor has become an SAP operation and maintenance partner, primarily helping clients with the daily operation and technical support of their SAP systems from a business perspective. In addition, Sangfor integrates its own Sangfor Cloud products - Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) and Managed Cloud (MCS) solutions - to provide end-to-end monitoring of the operating status of the client's platform and business systems, system failure handling, and overall performance optimization. As more and more clients choose to use SAP, Sangfor aims to help them achieve a new paradigm of digital transformation by continuously improving its service efficiency and quality.


"Based on the SAP Outsourcing Partner Certification standards, we can quickly respond to customer demands, effectively reduce service costs, and improve our customer satisfaction. At the same time, we have also expanded our influence and brand image in the field of cloud computing."                                                                            Qiu Liang, Vice President of Cloud Computing Business Group, Sangfor Technologies                   

Has the certification – or more explicitly the audit and the audit feedback – had any effect on your service offering? For example, has it helped you to validate and improve processes and practices or enhance your service offerings in general?

Yes, it had. Sangfor Cloud has achieved the SAP official certification standards in terms of infrastructure (data centers, networks, hardware), cloud platforms, and SAP HANA operation services. In SAP projects, Sangfor has the ability to provide solution operation services, maintain servers running SAP applications and SAP HANA all-in-one machines, and ensure the performance of SAP hosting.

After each audit, the partner gets the corresponding certificate(s) and the certification logo(s). Can you tell us, whether - and if yes - how you make use of the logo(s) and certificate(s)? For example, are you promoting your SAP-certified status via your company website?

After each audit, our company will use these logos and certificates to display our certification status, in order to demonstrate our professional level and credibility to customers and partners. We will promote our SAP certification status on our company website and official public account and use these certificates in relevant marketing materials and promotional materials. At the same time, we will also mention our certification status in communication with customers and partners, in order to let them understand our professional capabilities and reputation.

The market for outsourcing services is growing. So, more and more players want to participate in this business. This makes it crucial for service providers to increase their visibility. How have the OPC certifications helped you with your go-to market activities?

When we mention in our marketing activities that our platform has passed SAP OPC certification, it increases customer trust and recognition. This is because SAP OPC certification is an internationally recognized certification standard that demonstrates that our platform not only meets industry standards but also has reliable performance and technical advantages. In addition, we can attract more customers by using the SAP OPC logo and showcase our professional level and quality assurance measures. This can help us stand out in the market, increase competitiveness and influence. In short, SAP OPC certification is very beneficial for our marketing activities, as it helps us gain customer trust and respect, and enhance our brand value and awareness in the market.

Thank you for your view and assessments of our offer ‘SAP Certifications for Outsourcing Partners’. We are glad to have you as a partner and hope for many more years to come.


An overview of all certified partners can be found in the SAP Outsourcing Operations Partner Guide (

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