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Millennials… There's no secret that these new names much differ from the role-model labor force we're so used in the large companies. So many researches prove that the general motivation doesn't work with them. They aren't looking for the cozy chairs, coffee 24x7 and green corners. Even creative environment means for them something different than colorful spots on the walls or  windows where you can put your notes. So how do they expect business to be for the decision to enter and make the successful contribution? We can guess or… we can ask them to create their own future.

Year after year SAP CIS office steps in an exciting game – student case-championship Changellenge which attracts the brightest and the bravest from the top universities all over Russia. In spring'2015 SAP became General IT Partner of Russian largest technical case competition Changellenge >> Cup Technical. More than 2 200 students from 72 universities participated in it. The topic of special SAP case was the applicability of augmented reality for business. Is it realistic? Is it worth? How could it look like for logistics, maintenance etc.?

20 best teams presented SAP case solutions live @ the grand final event. SAP experts were much impressed by the width and the depth of student reflections for different industries and lines of business, attempts to build working architecture for the proposed solutions and calculations of joy and benefits that implementation of augmented reality may bring to serious businesses. Of course, not all of the provided ideas are great in all aspects but all of them give a hint where to dig further which is the most precious thing.

The totals of case-championship are:

1st place – team from business-informatics faculty from Higher School of Economics

2nd place – team from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

3rd place – united team from National University of Science and Technology "MISIS" and Financial University's faculty of informatics.

And the winner team got «start-in-life» prize – certificate of business applicability of solution signed by SAP mobility experts plus solution prototype developed by SAP Consulting specialists. There's a great hope that soon we'll see a new startup that SAP will promote for its' ecosystem.