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We've seen a lot of nice examples and blogs all around the world how SAP changes lifes of young generation thru the access to wide and numerous perspectives. The only thing that has to be done - stand up and accept the challenge. Russia is not the exception from the rule having all the rights for the bright future which SAP provides thru SAP University Alliances program.

Please, meet Izabella Kudryashova, student of long-term SAP University Alliances CIS partner - Higher School of Economics, Russia, and listen to her story on RUNning WITH PURPOSE.

- Izabella, nice to meet you. What's your area of study?

- Pleasure to meet you too. I'm the student of the Faculty of Business Informatics and Applied in Higher School of Economics in Nizhny Novgorod.

- Tell me, please, how you came to collaboration with SAP.

- At the beginning of this year the dean of my faculty Natalia Aseeva suggested writing my Bachelor’s Thesis based on one of innovative solutions of SAP - SAP BusinessOne. In spring this work turned out to be an international project-seminar of Russia and Germany on empowering small and medium enterprises in emerging markets. Now we are working in an awesome team of seven: three Bachelor students from my university and four Master students of University of Munster.

- Wow, sounds cool! New knowledge and new friends.

- Add to the list - new travelling.  We worked for an entire week in Moscow, participated in SAP Student CodeJam and were the active members of SAP Forum. After that we worked on our project back at home, meeting regularly on Skype. At the beginning of June we had project face-to-face in Germany spending the week at Muenster University followed by the trip to SAP headquarters in Walldorf and visit to SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg.

- What's the core idea of your project?

- We aim to develop educational materials for SAP BOne solution which will be full, well-structured and easy-to-integrate into the general university courses or as an additional course.

- Is it some source where there's more information on the project?

- Sure, follow us on Facebook to get more:

- Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?

- I am grateful to SAP University Alliances CIS and HSE for such an opportunity of becoming a participant of such a fascinating project that allows me to work in such an outstanding team.

- Good luck! We're looking forward to the results of the project!

- Thank you.