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BITs Pilani Goa Campus is organizing its annual technical/ cultural festival Quark 2014 from 6-9 Feb 2014. This festival looks like one great event to be part of and UA is going to be there!! – please visit the website to know more

SAP University Alliances India team will not miss out this opportunity to be there in the center of all action – interact with the students and spread the knowledge on topics such as SAP, SAP HANA, applications, cloud computing, database & technology and mobility.

We will be setting up a UA booth with will serve as an information center and we would also conduct a quiz at the booth and during the speaker sessions what would be organized during the festival (just an excuse to give out goodies :wink: ).

We just concluded the event and as promised here are the updates!

What an organized bunch of students who handled such a huge festival with such ease. The festival had many sponsors lined up and we were the "Innovation Sponsor”.

Opening Night: The auditorium had almost 2000+ students (screaming) and Rahul Sachdev took stage as one of the speakers – of course I was right behind ;-). He did an incredible job of engaging the crowd with his talk on SAP, SAP Techniversity, Start up Focus and various other initiatives such as SAP
Student Ambassador Program
, MOOCs, Student Academy, Academy Cube. We showed the SAP Techniveristy 2013 video and got an amazing response.

The SAP University Alliances team set up information booth at the campus with many other sponsors and was able to interact with the students and even organize quizzes on SAP at regular intervals. The students won goodies like laptop bags, t-shirts etc. These interactions at the booth give us deep insight in to how much students know about SAP and how far they can stretch their imagination with our technologies. We have participated in many campus events and we find that the awareness on SAP and interest is steadily picking up in these colleges.

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