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SAP Education offers a wide range of virtual and onsite Instructor-Lead HANA courses to meet your training or certification requirements to better equip you with the skills to successfully plan, implement, deploy and maintain a HANA project.   You can learn more about these HANA courses on SAP Education website:

HANA is disruptive in a sense that it is the fastest In-memory database platform. It supports new application in a Standalone HANA deployment via SDK and the future for SAP planned integrated scenarios, where multiple components are supported in one database platform.

The biggest myth about HANA is that it can do everything right out of the box.  But what is not a myth is that HANA can run things faster and better than any In-memory database platform in the market today. 

To be on the winning team, a successful HANA project requires the proper collaboration between the Certified Hardware Vendor, SAP or Certified SAP Consulting Partners and of course the customer project team members.

Depending on your main objectives and role, this is my quick and dirty guide to HANA Training for Instructor-Led HANA courses for consultants and customer project team members:

Functional Role:

I would recommend taking the following courses to prepare you for the SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP HANA 1.0 (Exam code: C_HANAIMP_1)

HA100 – SAP HANA Introduction

HA300 – SAP HANA Implementation and Modeling


You should only attempt to take the SAP Certified Application Professional – SAP HANA 1.0 (Exam code: P_HANAIMP_1) after you have successfully implemented a HANA project.  This exam focuses on actual real life experience in the field and not a test on product knowledge.

Technical Role:

I would recommend taking the following courses to prepare you for the SAP Certified Technology Associate – SAP HANA 1.0 (Exam code: C_HANATEC_1)

HA100 – SAP HANA Introduction

HA200 – SAP HANA Administration & Operations SPS05

BW Consulting Role:

BW362 – SAP NetWeaver BW, power by SAP HANA

Business Suite on HANA  - Developer Role:

HA100 – SAP HANA Introduction

HA400 – ABAP Programming on SAP HANA


SAP Consulting Partners Role:

I would recommend considering HANA Elite training.  This program is in place to equip SAP HANA Partners (Project Managers) with greater insight to actual real case scenario and information not offered to the public by bringing in the best HANA Practice Manager from the Center of Excellence to host the training.  As a dedicated HANA Elite Proctor, I received very positive comments about the HANA Elite training and many requests for more tailored Partner offering.  We will be planning more of these events, but for further information on the next HANA ELITE session, please e-mail or

WUS350- HANA ELITE (for Partners Only)

Optional Courses to consider:

HA150 is a basic SQL course for those who want to learn basic SQL.  I would only recommend this course if you absolutely have no experience with database SQL language. 

August 5-6 will be the first offering for a new two day HANA Data Provisioning course (course code: HA350).  My fellow instructor from the UK, Khalid Jamali, and I will co-teach this courseI’ll BLOG more details after my first teach with this course.

For those who need additional hands-on experience on Advance Modeling, Fuzzy Search, Calculation Engine Plan Operators, SQL Script Best Practices, UI Toolkit for Information Access and Visual Intelligence, the HA360 course is a two day instructor lead course combined with 5 days of additional access to the HANA system to give you the additional time to complete the exercise and hands-on experience.

HA150 – SQL Basics for HANA

HA350 - SAP HANA - Data Provisioning

HA360 - SAP HANA – Hands-on Labs

All the best,