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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Usually we create and share our course statistics at the end of a course but with Sustainability and Business Innovation, we have moved away from technology to an exclusively business focused topic. We discovered some interesting findings so we thought we would share some of our statistics to date.

SAP internal and external enrollments:

Approximately 17% of all enrollments are SAP employees. This rate is slightly higher in comparison to other openSAP courses, with the usual rate 12-13%.

The course is most popular in….

Three countries account for 54% of all enrollments for this course. The three countries with the highest enrollment % are:

1) India (~27 %)

2) US (~15%)

3) Germany (~12%)

This is consistent with other openSAP courses to date but we think it is quite remarkable that India contributes 27%, which is ~7% higher than with previous


In previous courses, 13% of our enrolled participants were female. For Sustainability and Business Innovation, we are glad to see that females account for 24%! This is welcome news and we hope this becomes a trend.

Please note that we deduced these results based on existing data and they are only intermediate statistics as enrollment numbers continue to grow.

At the end of the course, we will prepare a final blog post about the statistics and share it with you.

Your openSAP Team