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Take 60 motivated and inquiring students and freshgraduates togetherwith a small team of enthusiastic organizing team, and you receive a successful
and exciting Open Day that can be a beginning of a series of Career Days at SAP Hungary. The event – organized by University Alliances – was without doubt achallenge for SAP colleagues, but reading the positive and thankful feedbacks of the participants and managers, it worth all the hard work.

The goal of the day was not only collecting CVs, but also strengthening SAP Hungary’s employer brand that is a long-term strategy and requires great and continuous efforts. Colleagues could actually give an insight how it is to work with SAP, answer questions, learn more about the
participants during the mini interviews, and have fun together with the students.

The morning part of the program included a welcome speech from Markus Hilken, Managing Director of SAP Labs & AGS Hungary, introductory presentations of the different LoBs, a fun ice breaking quiz that enabled the students to learn more about SAP in a relaxed way, and an office tour to show
where we live and work in Budapest.

„I found the Labs and Support introductions the most useful programs of the day, because we received first hand information about the profiles of the departments, and what the teams are working on.”

„The Labs and Support introduction and the office tour was a great experience – I was feeling more and more that this is the company I
would like to work for, and where I could improve my knowledge.”

„The quiz was great. On the one hand, we learned a lot about SAP, and on the other hand, we got to know each other with my team, and
started to work together.”

After lunch, four teams were formed, and the participants was offered a 15-minutes long mini interview to have the first impression of everybody. The Marshmallow Challenge was a great opportunity to practice team work with complete strangers, and to have a brief insight of Design Thinking. During a 30 minutes Q&A with our young SAP colleague, the participants could learn the the career path of him. HR colleagues also held a session about Career Management at SAP to learn more about the skills they need to have to work with SAP, and about the recruitment process.

„I enjoyed the interviews the most. I had a feeling that they took me seriously, and talked with me as a real candidate.”

„The interactive talk with the young professionel was really inspiring. It was very useful to learn about the experinces of a guy
with similar age.”

„My favourite program was the Marshmallow Challenge: it was fun, we could co-work with a complete stranger, and last but not least, our
team won the contest with the higheest spaghetti tower”

The event was finished with a Wrap up speech held by Adam Dudits, the head of University Alliances CEE, Nordics, Baltics and CIS, and the
attendants left the office with a nice SAP gift pack.

Based on the feedbacks, not only our guests enjoyed the programs, but the managers as well.

„Special thank you for the wide variety in programs and for the engagement in organisation for all the colleagues who contributed in; the execution was as professional as the preparation, so the whole day was a success story. It was also a well example for high level cooperation within the different LOBs in SAP Hungary.”

„I’d like to thank for everyone who participated. Not just for the great organization but especially for the enthusiasm and kindness they showed during the event!”

„Was an excellent event! I got really nice feedbacks from the participants during the interviews, and this is my personal opinion too. Suggest to have another round in September with the same program.”

See pictures attached!