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This was an SAP Education webinar

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How blended learning is the best practice

Learning Hub is not a one time event; during project, after project, etc

Value of learning

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There's many sources for learning

There's different values

SAP Education is broad-based, all year long


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Number 1 - focus technical team, project team (green chevron) - to get a fully functional system on time


As go live approaches, broader approaches, mobilize business for change (orange, number 2) - orange prepares for change


Purple chevron - in the system, training in the system, with Enable Now to help end users "at the point of need"


Measure performance (number 4) - blue chevron, user experience by Knoa

Last step, innovate system


Cycle of continuous learning; learning is not a one time project event

It is a rapidly changing environment

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The shift towards the intelligent enterprise (new buzzword)

Adding more automation to repetitive tasks, frees humans to do high value tasks

Not how put in orders but how analyze to make good decisions going forward

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New cloud solutions are coming faster (every quarter)

Project team needs to have constant availability to training content; evaluate how content brings value to your organization

Adoption is ongoing

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It used to take several years to learn a solution

Now need to learn more, and everywhere; can't wait to go to a class if in an agile implementation

Not learn in a vaccum; learn from the community

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How webcast attendees learn (a poll)

Interesting that most learn from their colleagues

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Classroom training experience, want to blend it with other options (Learning Hub, ASUG, conferences)


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SAP has learning hub and training

Public classroom offerings at

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Classroom and Learning Hub has the "latest and greatest" and experts in the learning rooms

Blend classes with the Learning Hub

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Learning journeys - like meeting with an advisor

Library of education in education content

Live access is supplemental to learning hub substriction

Runs on SuccessFactors Learning Management System

Source: SAP

Learning room - ask questions

Live access - lab work (470+ systems, at extra cost)

Research in the library to supplement knowledge

Back to Learning Journey

Cyclical journey

Learning Journey Link

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Learn from individual to team

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Learning Hub editions are shown above

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Value of learning for core and technical team and the extended project team including super users

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Faster deployment with Learning Hub, based on survey results

Administrators are well trained

Fewer support calls


Question & Answer

Q: We have SuccessFactors and BusinessObjects Analytics, which Learning Hub version is for us?

A: Because you have both, you full professional edition Learning Hub to use both

Q: Does the Learn Hub have content that is also in OpenSAP?
A: Same group that builds classroom/Learning Hub also builds OpenSAP - do not duplicate knowledge

In Learning Hub, may point you to OpenSAP content

Q: Is the Learning Hub supplement SAP TechEd?

A: Learning Hub is separate from SAP TechEd.  SAP TechEd is created by product management, cutting edge; content is less formalized