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The SAP University Alliances team in North America offers professors this online learning opportunity in Summer 2012. Webinars introduce higher level topics in a single session that all professors are invited to attend.

Webinars are one-hour sessions designed to introduce participants to curriculum content that is / will be available, best practices for successful programs, FAQ's for prospective members, UAC and so on. Format is a short presentation by a subject matter expert followed by Q&A. Some of these sessions will be recorded. There is no cost to participate and registration is not required - simply dial in to the conference line and connect to the webinar room via the internet. If a webinar topic has multiple dates/times listed, plan to attend only one - same content will be covered in each session.

Webinar Directions, Website and Dial-in Numbers - view specific webinar descriptions below!

  • Prospective Member Webinar


Webinar NameWebinar DescriptionDate/TimeRecording
Prospective Member Webinar

SAP University Alliances introduces its "Prospective Member Webinar" for those interested in using SAP in the classroom. This webinar is for universities interested in obtaining more information about the SAP University Alliances program. Get your questions answered about curriculum availability, faculty training, costs and available software products.

1)    Access the online webinar area via Adobe Connect no earlier than 10 minutes before start time:

      In the “Guest Access” tab, enter your name and click “Meet Now”.  No passcode is needed. 

   Dial in to the conference call using any of the numbers listed below and enter the Participant Passcode when  

   prompted followed by the # sign.

Call any of the numbers listed below and enter the Participant Passcode when prompted.

Participant Passcode:



Dial In Number


0800 444 1292

Brazil, Porto Alegre

+55 51 4063 8328

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

+55 21 4063 5267

Brazil, Sao Paulo

+55 11 3163 0498

Canada, Montreal

+1 514 669 5883

Canada, Toronto

+1 416 915 3225


123 0020 6704

Chile, Santiago

+56 2 599 4973


01 800 518 1236 


001 800 514 8609

Mexico, Mexico City

+52 55 1207 7362


0800 54 762

USA, Denver

+1 720 897 6637

USA, New York

+1 646 434 0499

USA, Philadelphia

+1 484 427 2544

July 27

Time: 3:00pmET

(2:00 pm CT)

(12:00 pm PT)

July 27 recording