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Nearly 40 professors from around the Americas participated in the online workshop. We wish to thank Tom Wilder of California State University, Chico for sharing successful practices for integrating SAP in a variety of disciplines.

Fall 2012: "Introduction to SAP ERP using Global Bike, Inc." Online Workshop


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Introduction to SAP ERP using Global Bike, Inc.



Tom Wilder

Workshop Discussion Thread:

Participants are introduced to SAP ERP software and teaching using the Global Bike, Inc. (GBI) curriculum. Topics include: getting started with SAP University Alliances; curriculum overview for SAP ERP; teaching business process management using GBI: concepts, exercises, and effective pedagogy; and guidance on preparing for first classroom use. After completing this workshop, professors in a variety of disciplines are prepared to introduce hands-on SAP content into their courses. Participants will have pre-work, and should plan on several hours per week outside of the workshop sessions to complete exercises.  No pre-requisites.

September 26, October 3, October 10, October 17, October 24, & October 31