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Just concluded the 3rd and final session of the Copenhagen (IT University of Copenhagen) - Munich (Technical University of Munich) student collaboration this semester!  See collaboration description here

On May 2, we began with a remote conference introducing ourselves and our subject matters, and identifying common ground and colaborative tools which we could proceed with to achieve a mutually beneficial outcome.

On May 17, we executed our plan in an intensive 7-hour video-conference where we executed the steps of Design Thinking to co-innovate on a proposal & prototypes for an improved Digital inspection process of Wind Turbines for the Wind Power Industry. 

Today, (June 27th), We devoted two hours to a remote workshop in which reflected on the outcome, successes, peculiarities, challenges, and inspiration we gained from the collaboration. We blended our newly gained experience with our combined visions for how to facilitate future international collaboration between students like us.  We shared ideas, and created three prototypes detailing our vision of how to support, even scale the value of this type of collaboration in the future.

I've noticed a re-curring experience from these sessions of international virtual collaboration: Better and More --  They leave me with better ideas than I imagined, more enthusiasm for my work, and more productivity than I had expected.

So you can bet I’ll jump at the chance to work with globally-distributed university students like Felix, Daniel, Moritz, Nikolaos, and Tim at Technische Universität München or elsewhere again, for my upcoming projects. --- Who knows, maybe you and I will be doing a project together, facilitated by an international student collaboration app that descends from the prototypes we came up with today.

By the way, I credit this collaboration as helping me achieve perfect marks in my final oral exam last week.  Because our international collaboration centered around my Copenhagen team's project work, it bolstered my ability to quickly answer complex theoretical questions relating to Design Thinking and our Digital Inspection Improvement case.

Thanks again to Jacob Lund & SAP University Alliances for hosting this inspiring and unique international student-workshop.


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