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As a senior at Grand Valley State University, I am fortunate enough to be part of a program that educates students with knowledge and experience with SAP and ERP processes. By earning my internship at the ERP Initiative here at GVSU and going through the excruciating TERP10, I have been living and breathing SAP. Traveling to Las Vegas to attend the SAP TechEd && d-code conference was eye-opening with seeing so many people passionate about SAP. Being exposed to all the information at the conference makes me look forward to my future SAP coursework and entering the workforce.

Attending the Demo Jam actually gave me more understanding on what the capabilities of SAP software are and what the use of HANA can do to solve everyday problems. I've only used SAP to perform core business processes so far, but after seeing it predict the best surf spots or even know where you left your phone before you even know you lost it has opened up my mind to the plethora of possibilities. I am not much into the whole coding aspect of software, but having the presenters actually show the code and what each part does in the program was inspiring. We are actually planning on bringing back the idea of Demo Jam to GVSU and have students compete with other universities. I think this would help bring a great amount of attention to the Management Information Systems (MIS) program here at GVSU and draw other students with majors such as computer science and engineering to the MIS program.

I would like to send out a huge thank you to the Seidman College of Business at GVSU and the SAP University Alliances for the opportunity to attend the conference. Also, I want to thank simha.magal2 and thomas.mcginnis for leveraging their connections within the University Alliances and supporting us on the crowd-sourcing project. Finally, an immense thank you to my teammates and fellow students mark.regula mitchell.grewer, cody.duston, megan.laughlin, and sabrina.garrison2 for their hard work and great friendship.

Miles Szuma

Grand Valley State University

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